Little Lady

by Rachel
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Okay, so my grandma recently died and my family was all at a funeral home to have her hearing thing, my cousin got really sad do I told her we could go for a walk. While we were walking I noticed that it was night out and that the lights were motion detected to save energy, if you walked down a hallways the lights would turn on but once you left a few seconds after, they would turn off.

So my cousin and I were walking down the main hallway and every other hallway we passed by we would look down it. We noticed that all the lights were shut off. But when we came upon another hallway, we see a little old lady walking by with a white gown and it looks like she's holding a cane. I tell her that I felt bad for the little lady all alone at a funeral home.

But once we start heading back I think twice and notice that the light didn't turn on when she was walking and that it looked like she walked out of the wall. I bravely look back at the hallway and she's gone, the light are still off. My cousin and I ran back to the room full of our relatives.

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