Living With a Demon

by danny
(Rhode Island)

I can't stop thinking about how it started ... one day I was furious at myself and in the mirror I called myself the devil but unconsciously brought a demon into my crib. When I said it my eyes moved involuntarily as if there were somebody on the other side of the mirror.

I swear I'm not crazy but I can hear voices of people in my head and they're actually people I know. I started seeing waves like sound waves looking in thin air. I thought I was psychic (lol) but then like voices intimidated me cuz I wasn't hearing them before and I was scared so I ran thru the woods with just socks on. My brother caught up to me and gave me shoes, but before he could catch me this lady said "whats wrong?" I yelled "the devil is chasing me!"

They made me think that my family was against me and the cops were going to arrest me. When I got to the hospital they didn't know what was wrong with me. I didn't know either but I realized how can a doctor remove the devil from your head?

...AS I WRITE THIS I HEAR VOICES. They repeat everything I say subconsciously and literally make me feel like any woman or man I talk about in the entire world. Weird, huh?

I play ball and say a professionals name for motivation because I don't know hot to remove this demon and I get stressed so I use basketball as an outlet and I feel like that player like it pushes my arm or fingers like an exorcism but it's funny because you would see me in real life and think nothing...

It helps me even though I don't want it to so voices yell at me like are you serious???? Almost as if they're my guardian angels??? Even though they also judge me I don't think I can fit all the crazy experiences I went through in one short story because it's been going on for a year I want to know if anybody can help me... Those demons make my ears ring and believe it or not they actually move my penis (lol). It feels good but I'm praying daily and I'm looking for a priest's number my cousin had me save, but every activity from basketball to watching TV to listening to music my body is moving by itself.

They're making noises as I write this its fucking terrifying!! I hear snores when I sleep coming out of thin air, WTF??? Random memories from childhood constantly pop up in my head in extreme detail and I know its impossible for me to remember that much.

They or It knows I love music so this might sound crazy... I love hip hop like poetry so when I feel the need to rap they give me raps to use (leads me to believe there is an Illuminati!) and when I play the keyboard I don't know how to read notes or anything but my hand moves by itself. I read the bible and my body physically reflexes like I'm scared of it, but I love God. There are violent voices and polite ones... there's one big one in the background; that one is the demon I think... (its been going on so long I built a relationship with the voices). LOL sounds skitzo huh?? SMH if you only knew...

I know one person will believe me. Fuck it that's why I don't tell mah family... I moved because I thought I would be getting rid of it, but it followed me so now its still haunts me. I'm scared for my family because none of them know about this... it even makes my mouth say things like I got Tourette's or something LOL. They say funny things too so I start laughing (at the dinner table wen nobody said anything) creating awkward moments.

I never was skitzo I don't do drugs and I honestly want this demon to leave me alone. I feel like I needed to share this with someone before I died LOL, demons do exist... praise God everyone... Thanks for reading, any advice would be great because lord knows I need it... thanks for reading.

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