Love From The Other Side

by Janne

There was a girl named Alisa and a boy named Michael. When Michael left for Paris his plane crashed and the plane was never found. When Alisa found out she was crying and was casting an ancient spell "tonight I die. one will rise by my blood, will be cursed forever" then after 30 seconds her body started to become ashes, then her blood became a body.

That body was the body of Michael. When he found out that Alisa cast a spell he quickly said "Alisa why did you cast it" Alisa answered "I want to save you I am nothing in the world without you in the world" then her voice became soft then it was gone. Michael chanted these words "FROM THIS DAY ON I WILL BE WITH ALISA UNTIL I DIE".

After one year he was found dead by stabbing him self. FROM THIS DAY ON THEY WHERE IN HEAVEN. THE END

P.S "This is a romatic story"

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