Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael

by Ashley

It was about two months ago.

I am a medium (believe me or not), I have been called powerful but I can't obtain it quite yet. I began seeing spirits when I was roughly nine years old.

I am now 18 and still living in the same house.
I noticed myself becoming fearful of the dark, and I knew why. There are many things that go bump in the night and it is our choice if we wish to believe it or not.

Michael, yes, Arch Angel Michael is my guardian, and has been all my life. I have seen him a few times, and speak to him often.

Weird things started to happen in my bedroom. At first I took no notice, just the odd bang or something 'falling' off a shelf. Then it got worse. My doors on my cupboard used to open and shut unexplainably, I used to have things thrown at me and objects would turn on and off as well as my light flickering, things used to move or go missing and sometimes I would have vivid nightmares and when I awoke it would be as if someone was watching me.

I consulted Michael, he didn't give off too much information. Until Gabriel visited me. He told me what was happening and that it was a huge possibility that Lucifer was behind it.

I set up protection spells, but nothing could stop him.

The average 'visitors' wouldn't come close anymore and things were turning odd. Noises in the roof occurred frequently, loud ones. Not a bird or a possum, but large footsteps. I went into the roof and came down with a gashed knee. I hadn't tripped or slipped. Something charged for me.

I still hear them, even now. They're not a human spirit, they feel different, they feel like a monster.

Not too long ago, Lucifer came back, he came for me. It sounds weird I know, but he wants me. I'm not sure why.

The message I am trying to get across is, don't experiment with demons. I never did, but knowing who they are was enough to get me in serious trouble.

I am hoping that with Michael by my side, I will be ok.

But nothing is forever.

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