Maesteria May-Stare-ee-uh

by Crow
(Which world!?)

By chance no one here is able to comprehend the full genesis of how they showed up, then just disappeared. so here's your answer.

Maesteria is a land little more than twice the size of earth, and is mostly an exact duplicated double scaled copy of our home planet.
Maesteria and Earth due to their likeness are linked through a warp of magic between time and space which in a more "Scientific" term would technically not exist but would be a predimension.

Through this link is a type of overload of magic in random places of the planets at random times. Through these overloads become rifts, or portals between the two worlds that allows people, objects, and creatures pass through to the world at the other end. Though magic does have its laws. One of these laws is likeness, which breaks down to base alchemy and wizardry and witchcraft.

Likeness must be fulfilled for the worlds to conjoin. So in this process of likeness it created a world between the two which is the complete size difference between Maesteria and Earth. This is known as the cross realm, it is full of holes and voids and is often described as "hell" in most cases from the human aspect. The cross realm is a crimson world that links places from Earth to Maesteria together.

Most "Myths" actually happened but are not viewed correctly from the human eye scale.

Once in Earths history a great hunting came about to remove dragons and vampires and werewolves completely and drove them all away. Given that dragons formed the perfection of the second law of magic many cultures on Earth had began to worship the dragons like gods before they were hunted down. Asia had at one point found a way to follow through this second law of magic in what is called Martial arts, this law is called Balance.(to the point.)

At a period of time just before all non relevant creatures were hunted on earth people had developed a way to summon creatures from Maesteria as slaves to work for them for periods of time, in turn a lot of these creature revolted creating this massive hunt down, and deemed magic an evil.

So for a long period of time creatures had fled to Maesteria and had thus mostly disappeared from Earth.

chances are 1/20 people you know is a vampire
1/500 is a werwolf
1\3 has some creatural decent to their bloodline

*Note: don't visit Africa's counterpart in Maesteria
*Note: Australia has the biggest Connection with Maesteria
*Note: I am not of creatural decent but i do have a cross soul of one of the eldest werewolves in existence. (half human soul, half werewolf soul. I carry a curse in my soul.)

Source: 800 billion year old werewolf memories of what now belong to me.

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