Man At The Window

by Wyatt
(Terre Haute, In, U.S.)

About three years ago I was at home alone while my parents where at a new-years party. It had been storming really badly all day, and most of the night, so I could not sleep. I had gotten a book of mythology for Christmas, and I had been reading most of the evening. I was still reading when I heard a crack and the power went out.

I sat for a few moments cursing my bad luck, then went and got the flashlight from my closet. I jumped when my dog barked, I hadn't heard a vehicle, so I knew my parents were not home. When my dog kept barking, which was unusual for him, I went to look out the window to see if I could see anything. I really wish I hadn't.

When I shined my light out the window, I saw a man, about six foot tall, with long, dark hair; his skin was white as a sheet, his eyes where black pits; and even though it was pouring outside his black and white business suit he wore looked like it was dry as a bone.

I stood there for I don't know how long just staring at him, and he me, until my flashlight slipped from my hand and clattered to the floor. The crash jarred me from my trance, and after I picked up the light and looked back out the window, the man was gone. I still have nightmares about that night.

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