Man in Green

by Kitty

I couldn't tell you all exactly when it started happening, but I started to see him, the man in green.

I don't know what else to call him, but I wanted my story out there. Maybe I want answers... maybe I want to see some comments about this- if anyone could offer answers to my questions- or maybe I just want to get it off my chest to a large audience of people.

I think it started in school last year. I was walking out of my math class as I do on any other day and began to walk down the hall to my socials class. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone.

They were a bit taller than me, I could easily see that, but then again I am short compared to quite a few people in my school, so they must be an average late teen/young adult height. From the corner of my eyes I saw two details.

A white baseball cap, and a dark green winter coat. Y'know, the kind without a hood, but was rather puffy and warm. I quickly looked to the side, a shiver ran down my spine.

But nothing was there. Just the same group of unnamed faces that I saw every day on my way to class.

So, I shook it off as a trick of my mind and continued about my day.

I saw him again. I don't know how long it was until I saw him- in fact, I had forgotten about him until this time- but there he was.

My room is in the basement off to the far side of the house. I had gone down there to get some blankets for me and my boyfriend and, on my way back up stairs, something made me look back.

Maybe instinct. Maybe just making sure everything was okay, I'm paranoid like that I suppose, but I did look back.

It only took a quick look, a blink, and he was gone. But I got the details I needed.

He is white. I could see the back of his neck, that's how I knew. Unfortunately, that was the only real detail I got from him. I could see he had blonde hair, it stuck out in a slight stubble down his neck. He had a bit of a buzz cut, but not short enough that a person would be touching just scalp if they were to touch his head. At least, that's what I saw from the back of his neck. He still had that white hat and dark green jacket. He had baggy, light blue pants, and white shoes.

It took a quick glance, but I got that information. And in a blink, he was gone. I felt heat rise in my throat and I quickly made my way upstairs, trying not to show the others up there that I was spooked.

I saw the man again. And I told my mom and dad about him. I don't know if they really believe me, maybe they think it's my imagination. I am a creative person, that is fact, but to think of something so real...

I think I've seen him a total of four times now. Twice downstairs. In my school. And then out in the town.

Is he following me? I don't know. Can spirits follow? Is he a spirit? Is he a demon? Is he just a figment of my imagination?

But the most important question: Why is he never facing me?

Other stories I hear from people about their experiences usually involve a disfigured face of some entity. Or a regular human face. A banged up face. Something. And they say that that is the worst part. Seeing the features of whatever thing is there with them.

But they are wrong.

It's when you don't see it.

When you don't know what that THING is, what it looks like. You can't identify it. You start thinking of your own ideas of its identity. A burn victim? Horribly disfigured? Normal?

I don't know.

Why doesn't he face me?

I think the thing that concerns me most, is that I haven't seen him recently.

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