Man In The Window

by saber

It was a windy night, nothing special, and just like every night I do my normal routine and then go to lay on my bed on my back, but this time it was different. I was laying on the bed for like 10 minutes when a face formed on the window through the curtain which was directly above my bed.

I was seriously afraid and felt that if I looked at it directly something bad would happen, so I just kept on staring at it from my peripheral vision. And to make matters worse the thing started laughing and told me that I could join its army and become powerful and I tried to say no, but I couldn't speak and he said that it was useless and there is no point in resisting and then with all my courage I faced it directly and said f**k you and then it went away laughing hard.

I seriously don't know what could it have been and I would appreciate any thoughts on it

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