Man With Growing Arms

by El Pasoan
(El Paso, Texas USA)

I'm in my mid to late 30's now and this is my unexplained story, and to this day I haven't heard of any encounters like mine.

It was around 11:00ish one warm spring night in the early 90's in an older neighborhood in El Paso, Texas. Myself and three other friends, Marco, Fernie, and Herman (not real names), were walking Fernie home, but we took a shorter route to his house which led to the patio door of his residence. We started walking down B Street and just before C Street we felt and then noticed someone walking behind us. We all turned and noticed a dark male looking figure in the shadows standing in the middle of the B Street. What was odd was that there was just enough light for us to make out facial features, but we couldn't. It was a solid black being.

Herman or Marco shouted at it, using profanity, but it just stood there. All of a sudden it stretched out it's arms to it's side and started approaching us. Not knowing what to think we started running, and as we ran towards the corner of B and C Streets, I remember we all looked back and saw this figure walking in a normal pace, but it's arms were longer and seemed to be growing. I also remember that that corner was more lit, but this being was still solid black.

We cut towards A Street using C Street, and as we approached that corner we looked back and it was nowhere in sight, but to our surprise this figure was now on A Street approaching C Street. It was still a solid black figure and this time under a light post on A Street, it was still walking at a normal pace and it's arms were longer now. We couldn't believe it, we actually stopped running and stood there at the corner watching this thing. Though I can't remember what profanities we shouted at it as we stood there, it still kept walking towards us. Then it picked up the it's pace so we started running down A Street towards Fernie's patio door at the end of A Street. I turned one last time before reaching our destination and this thing was a lot closer than I thought. Then when we reached the patio door, we all looked up A Street and this being was nowhere in sight. It was gone just like that.

After talking about it later on, we all agreed that the best comparison was to Freddy Krueger in one of the earlier Nightmare on Elm Street movies in a scene were its his shadow or silhouette scratching the walls and his arms get longer. There are more unexplained experiences we had, but this was the first one we had together. Freaky!

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