Me and My Best Friend

by becca !!!

Me and my best friend have always seen things throughout our friendship. Her name is Tati and she was the first person I ever told about my black eyed man and seeing things in my closet and the dream and her favorite - the super tall mute man.

This story was her favorite because she had seen him as a child just like me bad he acted different with her when he visited she would have to hold his hand or he threatened to kill her whole family. She would also see spirits. Unlike me she would talk to the spirits that walked around. They wouldn't talk back, they would only look at her. A few years later she found she had another gift.

She found out it wasn't normal for a person to see black lines and dots in a rain cloud. I always wondered how she could tell if it was going to rain and one day she trusted me anough to tell me.

We still see things today. We have no idea why so many supernatual things are atteracted to us but I know they are not here to hurt me or her.

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