Me In The Mirror

by ForeverFalling

The following is true.

My friend is crazy. Like she's seriously classified as crazy, she's medically diagnosed as a schizophrenic. She's really kind though and believes in all sorts of stuff. She always tells me about what she sees and sometimes its completely horrifying. She predicted the Boston marathon bombing and called me crying because she had had a nightmare of people blowing up at a race. It sounds highly unbelievable but that's what I thought too until a day later she called me again bawling about it happening for real.

Now I've always believed in things that went bump in the night but until my friend I had only experienced small things as a child, such as a girl covered in burns who was my 'imaginary' friend and talking to the women who lived in trees. Things that don't really qualify as abnormal for a child. I mean I'm definitely not normal, normal people don't lose things and start screaming at hobgoblins for taking it. All the same I never experienced what she did.

There was one night I stayed at her house with another friend and we all decided we were bored and did a summoning spell... for a demon... (I never said any of us were particularly bright.) So we did this spell and then weird things began to happen at my friends house and just around us in general. Right after the summoning something pulled my hat off my head really hard like it was funny to try and scare me, which it did, seeing as the other two were on the opposite side of the table and could not reach me. Then we all started to see things and hear things and upon going home were a little bit more than frightened.

Especially when every shadow moved in our vision and things were being moved around and we were being tugged and pulled at like toys.

I got used to it faster than the other girls. As soon as whatever was tormenting us couldn't get a reaction out of me things got even worse. A black bird flew into my window and killed itself; things stopped just hiding in the shadows. I would see them in the middle of the street at night these tall shadowy figures and hear them chuckle when I screamed at them to stay away.

Then one night when I was sleeping I met one in a dream. It spoke in a tongue I shouldn't have understood but did. It told me to give myself up and just fall the rest the way. It turned me to a mirror and showed me myself with beautiful gold and white robes on, robes that had been torn and were now rags sad and limply hanging to my body and keeping me decent. My blonde curls hung below my hips and were in a disarray. My skin was torn and ripped in places and feathers fell down around the me in the mirror. Then I acted on impulse understanding nothing but what I did. And pulled a sword from nowhere and cut the creature down. It choked out something about how it was told to expect this much and died. I woke up and it had all stopped. There wasn't any moving shadows. No whispers. My friends had stopped being toyed with too.

I wrote it all off. My crazy dream and over active imagination. But as I said my friend is crazy. She kept doing these summonings and such until it drove her mad and she told me she was going to call on an angel for help. She figured that they were the only thing left to stop it all and so she called the two most well known angels, Michael and Gabriel. Only one showed up, Michael. He showed up with another one too, Rafael but not Gabriel. She asked them to help her and they did - they got rid of whatever it was that was so terrible.

She was telling me this and kept asking me why Gabriel never showed. For some reason my only response was 'how is he?' Now I'm not claiming to be anything special. I'm not claiming to be something so important, but for some reason an angel was bewildered when he heard my name. For some reason an angel had a hard time believing that I was involved with a girl who's closer to demons than she'll ever be to god. For some reason or another he muttered to himself as he left in voice just loud enough for her to hear,'She will need more protection if they can tell who she is'.

I'm not claiming to have any relation at all to angels. Though in my dreams there always seems to be one standing and watching from a corner. I'm not going to say my name is proof that I very well may be involved with angels.I'm not claiming to somehow be something other that what I am, after all my friend is crazy. I'm just a teenage girl. But can you guess my name? Can it really all be just by chance?

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