Meeting Satan Himself

by Jack willhoit
(lexington SC usa)

I'm just going to start off and tell you guys what happened to me. A story is something that is made up - this is my real life physical account of what has happened to me.

To make the story short I was electrocuted by 5 police officers 6 times by taser at my door where I live. Soon thereafter, after getting out of the hospital, I noticed I could see things that other people cannot. Things that I did not even knew existed. I turned on my phone and I noticed that there was stuff around me: people in black robes holding white square boxes with brightly lit light. They were chanting. I could see them, but I could not hear them. I tried to punch them and I could not.

I come from a Baptist faith; I was baptized at 6 years of age. I knew that the only thing that was going to see me through was God's mercy; that I was a powerless shell of a human. That only his protection would give me complete freedom. I kneel down on my knee I looked at the love deep inside myself and knew that God was with me all along. I just built a brick wall - a spiritual brick wall - that prevented me from tapping that bright light that's always burning inside my soul.

So I grabbed a cup of water and blessed it in the name of the Father in the name of the Son and the Holy Ghost. I took a long steel file and dipped the steel file in the blessed water then I swung it and it would hit and pierce these bodies that were around me, damaging them just like a real human. Cuts, superficial marks, and such. I started to notice that objects that I valued very dearly of this world were starting to be taken over by demons demonic entities. I could see the gayness in the demons kissing each other. Demons of all kinds of messed up things happening.

So after I had physically beaten these demons down with holy water I put a pot on the stove, a blessed the water which was with in it and I turned it on high. The demons were mocking me that were within these objects. That I thought were valued in this world that I would not destroy it and be forced to keep the demon in the home. Instead I put them in the water after a prayer on the object. To have mercy upon this demon so that he may have judgment in heaven and he may return from which he came.

I threw them in the holy water. They were screaming agonizing pain. I could tell they were in severe pain. Probably the equivalent of having your hand in a deep fryer constantly cooking that you cannot pull out. I know because that has happened to me. I wrapped the objects and trashed them, removing them from the home.

As I was cleaning up what was left over of all the mess from all the demons. I turn my head and I saw a man, but he was not a man. He had a very, very well trimmed goatee, but it wasn't a full goatee. It was just lightly on the edge of the lips and very, very short but in a triangular-shape on his chin. He had a six pack, well formed arms, a fawn-like body on the lower half with horse like feet and big horns that didn't poke out in the front like you see on the comics and stuff, but stuck out from the sides and went up like in the movie Legend.

I've been in a coma previously for 2 weeks and I asked the devil a question. I could not hear him talk but I could read his lips. I asked him was it a mistake that I made it out of heaven and I'm back here on earth? He told me yes. As he nodded his head and let the word yes was what he was saying and right then at that moment I heard a loud horn. Not a normal horn, but like "who", like somebody was saying "Who". Very loud and extended.

At that moment I told him a disgusting thing that called himself Satan that I think that when I heard that horn that loud trumpet from above that was my cue to quit talking. I've known for my experience is life that the devil comes like a thief in the night just like it says in a good book that only by God's mercy will you ever be able to overcome your demons literally. That my experience if you look at paintings of the Last Temptation of St Anthony that is exactly what they're doing in real life. They are literally pulling on you. They literally have an influence over what you do. You do not see them and do not know about these things and they keep going and keep going. Even when I was able to beat them and I asked them "Why do you keep going?" and then they pointed to a corner. I guess it was a mid-level demon for the devil but needless to say to make it short I pushed them all back. The rest boiled them up in holy water.

Bless this house for multiple days pushing them all back into a room and then torturing the demons by blessing around the room but not in the room. Confining them to a small area and then blessing the doors the windows and the ceiling basically like putting a rat in a trap. I kept pushing them over and over day after day after day.

Finally when that day came and got his mercy upon me and my home they were gone but I still notice occasionally the demon inside people. A reflection, a smoke trail, point of one individual that is walking in public or a reflection that I will be sitting in a car looking at my reflection myself and everybody else is normal. There is always that one.

The few walking by, but the demon will it take another form in the reflection a completely different form of the person that I see or people walking by very rarely very rarely but occasionally.

I don't know if this was a blessing or curse but I know everything has a purpose in life. People ask me when am I going to see a sign. I've never had that divine moment, but what they don't understand is your moment might not be good one. That it will be bad but something will come to take you and you will not have the spiritual protection you need. Nothing on or in this physical world will protect you. Nothing will if you do not have Christ. You have no God then you might as well be dead because you can't stop it. Only the mercy and the death of Jesus Christ will give you that. Then you be forgiven.

That's all I have to say and I pray to god this is helpful to someone out there. It is taking me a long time to write this. I've been dealing with these gay demons possessions, objects, real people, that I've seen basically been a car for a demon ride around in.

If you love yourself, your family, or people lost love for life and you feel like things cannot get any worse. I will tell you and not bear false witness it can always be worse no matter how bad how for how hungry. It could be worse very worse.

I think you for your time and may God bless you all and have mercy on your soul amen. Jw

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