by Ana dragon
(Massachusetts )

I've lived in my house for 16 years, my parents moved in when my mother was pregnant. Throughout the entire time I lived there I slept in one room and in that room there was a girl she came out of the closet and told me her name was Megan and she wanted to be my friend. I was okay with this. She seemed like a nice little girl. I played with her everyday. If my parents were fighting I would run to her and she would make me feel better.

One day when I was about ten I went to her because I could see that something was wrong, she was sad. I asked her what was wrong, she said "You won't see me anymore, I will see you but you won't see me." I started crying, she hugged me goodbye and then went into my closet, and I never saw her again. That is until about a month ago.

I was babysitting for my best friend's two year old little sister named Bella, we are very close, she actually thinks that I am her older sister, it's adorable. Anyways throughout the entire time I was babysitting her I was hearing banging noises for other rooms, foot steps, etc. which was nothing out of the ordinary since both me and Bella were known for seeing things.

We went outside and Bella decided that we were going to have a tea party, she set down all her toys in chairs, and gave me and her chairs too, but she also put down another chair, that was empty. I jokingly pointed to the chair and said "Who are we waiting for Bella?" She looked at me in the eyes and said... "Megan."

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