by Jacquelyn
(United States)

One day a little girl named Molly went into a doll shop. "Hello? I anyone here?" She said. An old man walked out of the back. "Can I have this doll?" Molly pointed to a doll that clearly wasn't supposed to be on that shelf.

"Are you sure you want that doll? We have so many, why don't you get another one?" The old man said. Molly wanted the doll so bad that she just kept on whining and whining until the old man finally agreed. "But don't let that doll get out of your sight." The old man warned.

Well Molly paid for the doll and went home. But Molly didn't hear the warning the old man said to her.

When Molly got home she played with the new doll but when her mom called her in for dinner she forgot about it and left it inside. In the middle of the night the doll woke up and went into the kitchen and took the biggest knife and started to sing. "Molly Molly I'm in your kitchen, Molly Molly I'm in your hallway, Molly Molly I'm in your bedroom, Molly Molly I'm on your bed, Molly Molly now your DEAD."

And the doll cut off Molly's poor little head.

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