Monster In The Dark

by Haily .S. Dumont
(Fairfield Me USA)

Me and my friend Zoe were playing man in the dark were you go in the basement shut the lights off and you pretend you're some sort of monster. Seems Zoe was the monster.

We were in the house alone, my mom and dad were out shopping and going to see a movie and then last but not least going to see my Great Grandma Trix. So they wouldn't be back until morning.

Well Zoe was going to be the monster called The Grudge. I ran to find a hiding place as she went to go get some snacks. I ended up hiding in the darkest corner. But then I started to hear Zoe's monster impression. She sounded ABSOLUTELY nothing like the monster she was planning to be. Then I heard a scream.

So I come out of the corner and go up to see whats wrong. I can't find Zoe, I also find all the snacks she was bringing down all over the floor covered in blood. Not a pool of it but splatters like droplets. I yell out her name but I get no answer. I run down to the basement thinking this was one of her retarded pranks. I flip the light on but the power must have blown out. All the lights start to flicker around the house. Until they all blow out surrounding me with complete darkness.

I go down into the basement; it's even darker than before. I hear scuffling in the room, but I can't make out where. I grab my flashlight. Swishing it across the floor. Until I make out a face than a body I recognize it's Zoe's body. Covered in blood; lifeless, motionless. I approached her slowly.

Yes Zoe had missing chunks from her body that were spurting out blood. I heard movement so close I could feel the air part. I grabbed a sharp metal pole. I caught the creature in action. It looked like its body was turned inside out. And it was.

I turn to Zoe. I let out a yelp when her entire body is slowly turning inside out like a sock. The monster that used to be my best friend since I was five had me cornered. And so did that other little clone creator that murdered and transformed my little soulmate into a flesh-eating bloodsucking, curse of nature FREAK!

I snapped my pole in half and stuck one in the undead weirdo who murdered Zoe, and the other one...

I took my time saying my last words to her, "Zoe you were my best friend, but you're not Zoe anymore, so this is goodbye." As I drove the metal through her and watched in agony as my best friend that taught me how to swim and did everything for me was slipping away.

Goodbye Zoe Rest In Peace.
~From your friend Haily~


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