by KD

He's been showing up ever since we moved here. Every single night when I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Exactly at midnight I hear him. CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK. The footsteps are always the same pace as he walks up the stairs. CLUNK CLUNK.

Now he is coming to my door. Here to torment me. The footsteps stop at my door. I can see his feet under the door from the night light in the hallway. BAM BAM BAM. He is beating at my door. "DAAAAAAAANY!" . I jump because I never get used to the way he calls for me. "ITS YOUR FATHER! OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!". I know it isn't him because my dad is out of town... and it sounds nothing like him.

The monster pounds on the door harder, almost knocking the cross above the door completly off. I take my phone off the charger and call my dad. "Hello?"

"Dad you need to come home. Its here again and it won't stop banging on my door!"

"Well you should let him in..... DAAAAAAAANY!"

I throw the phone at the door and it busts a hole. The monster laughs and stares at me though it. The rest of the night he did not blink and I did not sleep. Will he break in using the hole I created? I don't care anymore. I don't care.

When morning comes the monster slowly walks downstairs and I hear nothing more. When my dad comes home from work he announces that we are moving. Of course I am relieved, cheerful for the day as I pack my things. By night time the room is bare. Not a single poster on the wall or a sock on the floor. Tonight I'll tell the monster he will never see me again.

At midnight I hear him and I'm ready. This time he is sprinting up the stairs, runs down the hall and swings open my door. I am shocked. He has never been able to open my door! He steps in. Turns his head 180 degrees. He looks at the bare spot above the door. He then turns his head back at me but with a grin on his face. "You packed your cross too soon... Daniel."

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