Mother Selene's Poem

by Nikita
(Bongaigaon, Assam, India)

Hello! My name is Nikita Sharma from India, Assam. I live in a village named Bhowlaguri. It's a village inside a village. Ok. So just like others I'm also a teenager obssessed with vampires. It was a year ago when I found this site and the poem of Mother Selene. I was kind of scared but in the month of November 2012, I read the poem at night 10 o'clock. Since that day I hear someone running in my attic. I get a feeling that someone's watching me. Even I hear sounds that someone landed upon my roof at night.

I gave my final exam of my tenth standard and I'm free now. So every night I go out and take a walk and I feel like someone has just ran behind me but when I turn behind, I see no one. I feel like I'm being followed. But I'm not scared. That's what makes me confused. I don't believe that I'm the same girl who was once scared of even reading the poem. I even go out for a walk at 10 o'clock. Now it depends upon you if you believe me or not. Let me know what you think. But I still keep on chanting the poem and unlike others I feel protected. THANK YOU.

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