Mouthless Man

by do not need to be botherd

When I was about 8 I had a dream of a man with no mouth that lived in the woods where I lived with my mother and step father. The dream was he was in a clearing in the woods. It was not always in the night it was mostly in the morning.

I knew those woods better then my family but apparently so did this man. During this dream I would walk from the house we lived in and out into the woods and sit in the clearing then I would see him. Not moving for hours just to get up and stare at me; blood on his no mouth, a small cut in is stomach, his hair over his eyes.

He would always reach out to me and at one point during these weird meetings with this man he had picked up a squirrel that had landed next to me and started tearing out its organs and pulling at its flesh, sticking all that he could into the small cut on his stomach. His eyes were always black; no telling if he could see me or not. The way he ate was very brutal and unnerving to me at such a young age. I could remember every detail. Somehow he had a smell of rotten milk.

To this day I have had some dreams of him. I live in town now but I still know the clearing and woods. I have been back there while I was awake and found something very peculiar. A jacket that I have seen him wear in some of the dreams I have had and a jaw that did not match the description for any animal I have ever seen.

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