Multiple Encounters of Strange Black Beings

by Alexa
(North Carolina)

They're going to be mad at me for writing this... But I hope someone can help.

When I was little I was always alone. So I made 'friends' with my shadow and made fake voices in my head, I was so bored. Then I started studying spirits...

It got really bad at age 11.

I saw this... thing. This entirely black human, light didn't shine through him/it... it was like it was a black hole. It was at the top of the stairs in the middle of a bright summer day. It looked ready to attack. I wasn't scared of him/it, more so fascinated and intrigued.

Then I crocheted this little baggie necklace out of rainbow yarn. I added a poem that gave me some amount of hope, however small, two sea shells, clover, dandelions and some leaves to it, chopping them up finely. It created a very bad smell, but I didn't mind. It ended up helping with depression and such.

Then it went bad. I started seeing more and more black beings, just flickers in the corners of my eyes. Then voices in my head, giving me constant headaches. The little bag became very heavy and painful around my neck. So I took it off, and immediately felt free. It felt... evil. The necklace I mean. So I put it in a small jewelry box I now refer to as Pandora's Box. I almost never open it.

The worst however was only a few months ago. I'm in eighth grade.

It was nighttime, sometime in the wee hours of morning. Earlier before I took my shower I had made the mistake of turning off the light in my room. Now my room was very dark and shadowy. Scary.

I kept seeing this face, this pale, black haired face that was crying blood with an insane smile in the corner of my room. I was sick of it, the appearances had gotten more and more visible so I yelled at it, holding up a pad of paper and pencil. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! HUH?! Gods, I'm just a little girl! What the hell did I ever do to you?! WRITE. Write what you want from me! NOW."

Nothing happened. I sat down on my bed, near tears. It started appearing again. I flipped out a little and fell on the floor, laughing insanely... I don't know why. I just felt.. like I needed to.

I sat down on my bed again after that, but felt... this presence. Like something was very near. I glanced to the door and saw HIM again. The entirely black human. He had long black hair, and was still like a black hole. I began to sing, that usually helps ward them off. No such luck.

I'm not a religious person. No one in my family is. But, I got down on my knees and prayed. Desperately asking for forgiveness and help to God. It worked. The room became much brighter and less shadowed.


As soon as I sat down on my bed, a little more faith in me, I saw him again. But closer. I jumped up and opened Pandora's Box, playing the music in it and singing along. It kept HIM at bay for a few minutes, but he just stood there in front of my door, appearing every few minutes. Then the song ended and I quit singing. I gave up and started typing on my computer.

He got right up next to me. It was weird. It felt like he was there... wearing clothing and alive. I sat up and froze, scared to move. He put... something on my head. It was these three large circles connected by a string.

Typically, I would deny that any of this happened... but I felt it. The little crown thing or whatever it was. I still do.

I keep seeing faces. Mutinous ones. A screaming skull who seems to be crying for help. A beautiful red haired woman, half her face ripped away. This... black haired boy with blackish eyes that grins insanely.

I went for a walk. I ended up sprinting home because I started seeing them all around me. They were mad and glaring.

Am I just some over-imaginative thirteen year old, or is something going on? Please help. I'm scared to fall asleep at night because I feel a presence next to me on the bed, saw it too... I'm failing my classes in school because of worry and lack of sleep... And strange cuts keep appearing on my one arm.

If you have any idea what's going on, please say.

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