My 12th Birthday

by Cristina Louise
(Yuma, Arizona U.S.)

I remember that day. It was a cool regular day in Yuma, Arizona. It was Friday March 13, 2009 (I just noticed, Friday the 13th). I was in 6th grade and in June it was going to be summer break and in August would be my first day at Centennial Middle School.

Well, I invited 9 girls to my sleepover/Birthday party. Me, Caitlynn, Kaley, Michelle, Evette, Angelica, and like 5 other girls. I can't remember who exactly but my best friend at the time was Kaley. It was a fun day. Playing Guitar Hero, showing off my skills on expert. Taking pictures. Talking about guys. Eating ice cream and my Avenged Sevenfold (my favourite band at the time) cake.

My mum and dad were tired and so they went to bed like at 11pm while me and all the other girls were up and alert. We started fooling around with my Chucky doll. I have a Chucky doll, Saw doll and Halloween doll in my room. It started off fun, recording like little videos of a scary story we all had made up. We were scaring the other girls and my friend Caitlynn had her mobile out and as did I and Kaley. Michelle was getting scared of the Chucky doll, but we still scared her for the fun of it. We liked tormenting Michelle.

At 2am we were all talking out in my living room about all the scary stuff that's happened in my house. Everyone there knew my house was haunted. Especially Kaley. The only person who didn't know was Caitlynn. Therefore I leaned to her I grabbed her mobile and said, "You don't believe me? See for yourself."

I stood up and everyone followed. I started recording on her mobile. Doing a tour of my house in the early Saturday morning with everyone looking out. At one point I gave the mobile to Caitlynn. Finally, I was half in the kitchen, half in the Bar room. I was by myself and I stood in front of the camera and it was getting me and the whole room. Well I stretched out my arms and I said, "This is my bar room." That moment, all the girls facial expressions went pale and stuff. I was shaky. I knew there was something wrong. My heart was racing. I was scared myself. I could feel my veins turning cold. I went pale. I stood there. Pale and motionless. Looking at the girls that were witnessing whatever it was they were seeing. Michelle looked as if she was terrified. Kaley was in shock. Evette and some of the girls said, "April... turn around!" Gathering all my courage... I did. I didn't see anything. I was confused.

Caitlynn came up to me and was all happy. She was all, "I GOT IT!" I said ,"Shhh! My mum and dad are sleeping." She was like ,"Right..." Well everybody was like whoa and couldn't believe they got something out of the night. I was shocked yet happy because I had proof of whatever it was.

We all went back to the living room and sat down. I was watching the recording and turns out what they were witnessing was a man standing in the corner when I was talking and he was wearing black. He was quite shady and blurry. When he moved it was all a blur. When I turned around, he walked towards me and was gone, he just disappeared. He faded into the wall or something. It was NOT my dad, him and mum were sleeping at the time. I checked!

After that, I suggested that we so have to put it on you-tube. We all got sleep and at 7am-ish I woke up and to my surprise Kaley just woke up the same time I did. The rest of the girls were sleeping. Some had to leave because they had places to go and stuff. Kaley and I decided to go to the kitchen to get water and when I was getting water, on my refrigerator where you get the water and ice it has a reflection/glossy look/part to it. I noticed the same guy was standing there moving as if he had no feet (I saw him through my window that's right above my kitchen table which is about 3 yards or so away from my door to go outside) without saying a word Kaley turned to look the same direction I was. She quickly said, "Did you see that!?" I didn't reply. She knew. I turned around and he was gone. I put my water down and ran to the door, opened it, nobody. D:

Freaky birthday right?!

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