My Accident

by Alexia Cage

I read selenas poem in my head I was just curious and wanted to know what it said and I only did it once to be perfectly honest I cannot remember what it said, I read it a little while ago and since that night weird things have happened.

I've been putting the rubbish out in the bins late at night and the same man has been there. Sometimes people come over and stay in the guest room then two days after they've gone home I notice the window has been left open and I found scratches on my body I never had on my breasts before, but the most worrying thing is that someone or something keeps knocking on my window.

I don't have any trees near my window my actual garden is about three meters from my house. I think someones after me and all I want to do is sleep. But I can't because I keep having dreams of the same man I saw when taking the rubbish out now I take it out during the day or someone else does. I'm just really scared and tired.

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