My Best Friend?

We have been best friends for nearly 5 years. The first time I saw her was when I had just moved into another country. For some reason I thought that she was the best friend I had when I was 6 years old, but then that best friend moved to another different school.

So to the best friend I knew now I started speaking to her in my language (Tagalog), she just keeps nodding. Then the teacher said she is from China, but the best friend I had a long time ago isn't from China.(Then there is that awkward feeling, she didn't even understand what I'm saying to her).

They look exactly the same - the Best friend I had then and the Best friend I have now. Her older sister is suddenly laughing, but I didn't understand what they were saying since they are speaking Mandarin, then she told me that she also had a best friend that looks exactly like me except she is taller.

We were both creeped out. We didn't believe in doppelgängers until now.

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