My Cat

by becca !!!

OK I know I've done a lot of stories but I think I'm haunted or something because today (August 7th 2011) I was down in my basement to get my sister's makeup and my cat follows me down. So I go into the back room (that's my sister's room) and the cat steps half way into the room and his fur goes up and so does his tail. Then he hisses at the air in front of me, so I get really freaked out because I trust my animals a lot with this kind of stuff and I trust my gut feeling and it was telling me to run.

So I pick up the cat and start to walk out. That's when he clawed my arm and hissed again, but this time at the nothingness of the stairs. So I just decided that whatever is there is not going to bother me and not to be afraid (I was just telling myself that because I was scared to death).

So I grabbed my cats paws so he couldn't claw me and I ran to get to the top. I felt something shove me into the wall just as I reached the top but I kept moving! I slammed the basement door closed and the cat looked up at me as if to ask if I was okay. He licked the place he clawed me and jumped from my grasp. I'm just going to say that the thing was only in my basement so I am safe, but I'm never going in that basement again without someone with me.

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