My Childhood Home

Before my Grandmother's house was built the place used to be some sort of camp during the World War 2. So I'm guessing that the place could be haunted. Then the house was built. Some ghostly happenings starting to appear.

The first encounter was (my dad said) after they'd buried Grandpa. He slept downstairs where Grandpa used to sleep. Then the room suddenly grew colder, but dad ignored it. Then it got colder and colder, dad looked around the room, he knew that all the windows are closed. Then suddenly dad saw a male figure hovering past him, he noticed that the ghost hasn't got a face. My dad suddenly rushed upstairs to grandma's bedroom and told her everything that he saw.

The second I knew was my baby sister was left alone on top of the bed, while my dad was feeding chickens and I was in school. When my dad came back, my sister was on the floor, probably she had fallen but there is no injury but the bed is quite high, unless some "being" caught my sister preventing her from falling, my parents told me it was a Guardian angel.

The third that I know was when my cousin's boyfriend was sleeping on the couch, he woke up he saw someone sitting on the window. He blinked again then it was gone.

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