My Daughter

by Katelyn
(Pennsylvania )

I have always had an obsession with the strange and paranormal and also a fear with some. I had a miscarriage on Christmas 2011. Lost a baby girl. A year later I found out I was pregnant again.

I remember one night I had a dream a little girl with brown hair and glowing green eyes came to me. I was like floating above my body watching her play with me hair. She looked no older than 6. She then whispered in my ear "I'm ready to be born mommy" then she looked up at myself floating. Then I woke up.

This past July 5th I gave birth to a baby girl. At birth she had bright green eyes. Then they went yellow and looked like a cat. She is almost 2w eeks old and her eyes are black and the white part is dark grey and gets darker everyday. She does not cry, laugh, or anything. In fact she's actually a good baby. She sleeps 7+ hours at a time. She is developing very fast. Doctors said she sees very well out her eyes. Its just strange. I don't fear her... I just think its weird how her eyes did that...

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