My Dog Sam

by Chloe

When I was 7 or 8 my dog Sam died of heart failure. After he died weird things started to happen, like I would wake up to my other two dogs barking at some thing that I couldn't see.

One night I woke up to the smell of dog food. I followed the smell to the kitchen and the dog food was all over the place. When I checked the dogs the gate was up so the dogs couldn't get out.

After a month my cousin Lacy came over to spend the night. At 3am we heard barking. We went down the stairs and saw my alive dogs fighting something. When we went to break it up my dog went up to my cousin and went to him and started to bark and my other dog came up to me and started to bark too at something we couldn't see. Then we heard a whimper from across the room. After a while we didn't hear anything weird. Was it my dog Sam or was it something else?

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