My Dream Became Real

by Natalie
(Pleasant Grove)

For the past 4 years I have been having dreams of being possessed and actually feeling paralysis. Not being able to move, scream, or call out for gods help. The thing that freaks me out is when I am getting pinned down in the dream, I feel it in me, I'm sharing my body with something else and cannot to ANYTHING about it.

I was in jail a year ago in December. I had woken up in my cell in the morning from one of these terrifying dreams. The only way I can ever wake up is if I say "In the names of god and Jesus Christ I command you to go away!". Because I cant speak I say it in my head over and over again and soon enough I can start speaking and scream it. A girl that slept on the bunk next to me could not sleep and thought I was having a seizure or something, she said I desperately kept trying to lift my arms and legs but something looked like it was weighing me down. I never told her about the dreams I had, in fear they would think I was possessed. I didn't wanna be PC'd out of laundry where we have it good and into the hole (solitary confinement). I had dreams like these almost every night in jail. I hated falling asleep every night and feeling so defenseless and terrified.

I have been out of Jail for a year now and have only had a few dreams. But now it has gotten to the point where I have heard my name be called three times, felt a breathing on the back of my neck twice, turned around nothing there. I will feel a dark presence at the most random times. It is usually when I am alone. Its is the darkest most eery feeling. I start to feel nauseous. Doors shut on there own while I am in my bedroom watching movies. My boyfriend works late so when he comes home I am usually asleep. He has woken up three times in the past three months in the middle of the night to me 'half asleep' just standing by our closet doing absolutely nothing but staring at the wall. (Of course I don't remember, but my boyfriend tells me when it happens. He thinks its funny, I don't).

My Rottweiler Hanna has been acting weird since we moved her into our apartment. She will jump on my bed and lay right next to me, won't move and growl looking at the door. She has NEVER done this nor has she EVER been allowed on my bed! Usually when I tell her to get down, she gets down. Lately with everything that has been going on she jumps up on my bed, and when I try and push her off she either jump back on or she wont even budge and will stay alert with the bedroom door if its open. I am not crazy and she senses it too.

I am very VERY scared, but also COMPLETELY intrigued. What do you guys think? Has this happened to you? I'm sick of being called crazy by my boyfriend. I KNOW this is real, I witnessed it. My eyes and ears don't lie...

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