My Dream Vampire

by Switchback

At the age of about 10 or 11 I had a recurring dream about a dark haired man with silver green/blue eyes. I knew he was a vampire even though I didn't really know anything about such a creature. I went to the library to pick out some nonfiction books on vampires, the fictional stuff never interested me. I wanted the real deal. What they were, where they came from, stories, history, etc. I was obsessed.

Then as I got older my obsession grew, I did reports on them in school and everything. I went as far as to sign up on a website just to see if I could get one to contact me so I could ask them questions for my report. I currently have one of the most impressive vampire libraries you have probably ever seen. lol.

Then one night while driving around town I saw my vampire walking down the street. He looked just like my dream, same hair, same eyes, same everything. It was him! I tried to follow him in my car and I lost him. A few days later I saw him again, and, just like the first time, I lost him.

I saw him one more time after that sitting in a crowd of people. It amazed me how much pull he had on me. I could not take my eyes off of him. He noticed me staring numerous times but I couldn't help it.

I never saw him again, not on the street nor in a crowd, it was like he vanished. I still see him clear as day in my mind and believe I will for life. There was something so utterly beautiful about him that I will never forget but do hope to see again.

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