My Dreams

by bseivright

I have dreams unlike any other dreams. I sometimes don't know what to call it. When I dream some nights it feels like I am transported to another dimension. I feel everything physically and mentally in my dream. It's like my body leaves itself and I am in another place... the sounds, smells, flavours, the physical atmosphere...this has been going on since I was small.

My parents just try to brush it off but I feel like I need to discover more. I have very real dreams that sometimes turn out to come true. I often dream strange things and the sensations of these dreams last forever even when I wake up.

The most awkward, yet desirable of my dreams is that I am a little child in the arms of someone and I am holding on to their neck so that I cuddle in the gape of their neck... and I am breathing in the scent of whoever is holding me... but the arms that hold me are very strong yet supportive and protective though gentle at the same time.

The memory is very strong and sharp. I find myself dreaming strange things about myself too. I just wish that I could uncover its meaning. Can someone help??

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