My Encounter With Two Black Eyed Children

by shannon
(green bay, wisconsin)

In 2007, I briefly separated from my husband. He had serious drug issues and I got tired of the stress and lying. A friend of mine was moving to Wisconsin. He offered to help me get out of Florida. I had 3 teenaged kids who were also ready to start a new life. So I took him up on his offer.

I had a small car and signed it over to my husband because I couldn't get it to Green Bay. We left in mid August and arrived in Green Bay 17 hours later. My friend had rented a home for us and we settled in. It was in a perfect neighborhood. We couldn't be happier.

One day in September my kids went to a park that was at the end of the street. I was home alone just enjoying my new life. I had the front door open and the storm door closed and locked. Then there was a knock at the door. As I turned from the kitchen and took a step toward the door, the strongest feeling of doom overcame me. I was filled with terror. I stopped for a moment in my tracks. Another knock came from the door and I found myself suddenly standing in front of it. Standing on the top step were two boys, maybe 12-13 years old. The terror inside me was so strong that I wanted to vomit. I was shaking when I began to speak, but one of the boys spoke first.

"Please miss, can you let us in? We need to use your phone."

The fear was palpable but I answered. "Don't you guys have a phone?"

They both turned to each other, not saying a word. Then the boy spoke, changing the question matter. "Please miss, my brother needs to use your bathroom. We won't hurt you. You don't have to worry. Please give us permission to come in."

I said, "No, I don't think so. There's a gas station on the next corner."

The boys head tilted upward and his eyes were just two deep dark pools. Soulless. The other boy also looked at me. "Miss! We need to come in NOW!!! Let us in!!!"

I said "No!" I slammed the door shut and locked the knob, the chain and the deadbolt. I was shaking like I had been in a very cold room. I looked out the peep hole and they were both looking at the door.

The one boy kept saying, "Please let us in. We are cold."

How can they be cold? It's 80 degrees outside. I yelled through the door, "Go away! I'm going to call the police!"

I looked out and they stood there and only stepped off the stairs when my boys came walking up the sidewalk. I watched as the boys got to the end of the walkway and turned in the opposite direction of which my boys were coming. They ran up to the door and were surprised to find it locked. I carefully unlocked it and hurried them in then locked it behind them. They asked me who the kids were and I told them that they were just kids selling candy for their schools.

After that day I try to stay aware of what is around me. All I know is that what I experienced was something out of a movie. It traumatized me and I sleep with the lights on. I didn't tell my kids until my youngest, a girl, had graduated high school. My oldest son said that the moment they had stepped onto the sidewalk where our house was he felt a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. He also admitted that he had seen the both of them down on the walking trail, but never since. Every time I think of it I get sick.

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