My Experience

by Kristin Fowler
(Austin, TX)

I was on this website earlier today ( when I found it ) and I started reading the stories. I put my iPod down after I finished a story and got up to make a sandwich.

Being only 12 and not really believing any of the stories I stood up but as soon as I stood up a burst of cold air burst into my face and I instantly fell down.

My step-sister was in the other room listening to music like always then I heard this high pitched laugh and I looked around but I didn't see anyone. I called out "who's there?", but I got no reply. All of a sudden I felt weird then I blacked out.

When I woke up there were books all over the floor. I was told later by my step sister that I was speaking a different language and that she prayed. She also said that books were flying off the shelves at they're own accord. Apparently after her prayer I came out of a 'trance'.

Can someone please tell me what happened?

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