My First Encounter

by John Paul

Last night my wife and I took our son with us on a last minute trip to the store. We had been browsing dining room furniture and decide to make it to the furniture store before it closed. When we walked into the store we were immediately approached by the salesman. As we were greeted a very unusual strong and dark feeling instantly came over me.

I unfortunately am a very detailed person so I always take notice to people especially clothing, body language, and face/eyes. At the same time my brain was processing the environment and the first impression of this salesman I very quickly noticed his eyes. His eyes could not have been any blacker and once I noticed that I was having difficulty seeing any whites in his eyes I was speechless.

My wife and I both being in management have never had a difficult time handling or dealing with any type of person. However on this night I couldn't even speak and was forced to turn around and walk away. I could only communicate by pointing to my wife so that he would know that he would be interacting with her and not me. After turning to walk away I quickly grabbed my sons hand and started walking around the store. I did notice that the conversation between the salesman and my wife was very short. His questions and comments seemed very emotionless. I could sense my wife trailing behind me and my son.

Shortly after my wife came to me and said let's go we're done here. As we walked from the very back of the store to the front the salesman followed us very awkwardly. Once we both got in the car we both at the same time said "Did you see his eyes?"

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