My First Girlfriend

Many many years ago, back when I was in Senior High School, I had a girlfriend, whom I truly loved very much and cared about. I was thinking of marrying her, and I would probably have had married her, if it weren't for what happened a dark November day, two weeks after our relationship had started.

She had to pay a visit to her grandma's house in Greece, with her parents. She did. And the day she was to come back, the plane fell and she died. I was so miserable, I attempted to suffocate myself multiple times. Three days after the unfortunate incident, I was alone in my bedroom trying hard to regain the sleep I had missed. I managed to sleep just for a moment, when a whispering voice woke me up. It was Jessica, my beloved girlfriend.

At first I thought I was hallucinating. I wasn't feeling afraid, the complete opposite. I felt utter serenity. She was repeatedly telling me "don't worry baby, I saw you crying for me and I came back." She was standing there, solid in front of me. I took a look at her. She was so beautiful. She only wore her underwear. Before I could ask her anything, she took me by the waist, brought my lips to her lips and kissed me. I felt the electricity rushing through my body. After that, she disappeared and never visited me again.

To this day I still think I was just dreaming and/or hallucinating. I was at her funeral for heaven's sake. Though I wasn't afraid then, every time I think about it now, it gives me the chills and tingles my spine.

Thanks for reading, James.

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