My Friend Has A Guest At Her House

by Adri

Hello there! I came across this page and decided to write a little story for you. And if you're wondering... yes, it is true. I'm not going to be naming names so here it is.

Almost a year ago friend #1 and I were at my house, in my basement when all of a sudden a werewolf jumped in through the window and took her away! Unbelievable, right? Well, how could I convince you? Truth is, that was just to grab your attention. Now, here's the real story. (I'm going to write it as if it was in a novel so it's more entertaining to read for you guys!)

"Don't forget the other cookie tray!" I shouted up the steps as her feet tapped the last carpeted step. "Ugh! You mean that evil cookie tray! Blech! It ruins the cookies, they won't come off the tray with that one!" She very annoying replied. I sighed, " Dude, a LOT of people are going to be at the party tomorrow! We need a LOT of cookies! We'll just gave to be careful when we scrape them off.---What batch are we on now?" "I don't know...our 3rd maybe?" She shouted past her shoulder as she waved her hands in the air dramatically.

"Owe! Owe! OWEEE!!!!" She screeched as she set the chocolate chip cookie tray on the counter. "Wow.... That cookie tray really IS evil! Look! The cookies aren't round at all! Ugh! They look like flipping continents!..... Alright, we'll just have to roll the dough into cookies faster to save time, while we only use the non-evil cookie tray."

Some time went by, and before we knew was 2:00 am!! We freaked out over seeing some bugs, and laughed at references to anime (Japanese animation) and Monty Python, and were just being our crazy selves! ------ But, somewhere in the mix, we started to talk about one of our other friends. You see, friend #1 was spending the night at my house. And, she had also spent the night at friend #2's dad's house. We'll call fr#1 Liz, and fr#2 Bre.

So, the conversation began, and being in my old creepy basement made it all the more scary...

"Oh hey, that reminds me of this one time I slept over Bre's house, it was her dad's. I know you get scared pretty easily, so, do you still wanna hear it?"

"Now way!!!...... Err...umm......okay..." I said unsurely.

Liz began, "Well, we were sleeping at her dad's house, in the den, on the floor. And all of a sudden in the middle of the night I started to get really scared for no reason. I was just totally freaking out, I think I may have even been shaking I was so scared! But it was over nothing! It made no sense! Like this completely random feeling of fear fell upon me for no reason...

I tried to wake Bre up, but she just hushed me to go back to bed. I couldn't get any sleep. I was terrified.---- A few months later Bre and I were talking about something and what happened that night was pulled into the conversation. It turns out... There's a ghost in her house! She told me the ghost lives peacefully with the family.... But it doesn't like new people coming in. It was really scary.

Then this other time, well, you know how they live in an old neighborhood and all, there was this old abandoned house and her dad was just talking a picture of one of the windows with his camera....and when the picture had been developed, he looked at it and he noticed the reflection of the window...there was someone else standing behind him..."

"What??!! Oh my gosh!! Nu uh!" I said. "Are you sure there wasn't an actual person inside the house?!"

She said back to me,"It's like I's an old neighborhood, and the place was abandoned. And the person wasn't just 'in' the picture.. he was standing behind Bre's dad. And there wasn't anyone else with him. He'd gone alone...." "Oh my gosh Liz, I can just picture it! This is so scary! It's a good thing you're sleeping over or I'd be so scared tonight!!!!!" "C'Mon, it's almost 2:30... We have to get to bed and be least somewhat, for the party tomorrow. ---- Ugh! Will you just get rid of this evil cookie tray already!"

Liz slept over, we went to the party the next day, forgot all about the ghost story, and had a great time. I spoke with Bre about this ghost. She said once her brother and mom were in the basement, just randomly talking about ghosts, and the vacuum cleaner, completely on the other side of the room, turned on all by its self. She said it was because the ghost wants them to know that it's there. If you are going to try to find a lie in that because her mom was at her dad's house since they're obviously divorced, well, I didn't think it was any of my business to ask. Her dad even claims he's seen 'her'. By his recalling, 'she's' an old women, thought to be the ghost of the previous owner of that house.

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