My Friend Is A What???


Okay so this may seem fake but it's true. A week ago when it was snowing heavily we were in school for PE it was the end of the lesson. We were getting changed when there was a note in my bag, when I emptied it out to get changed and it was a homework sort of thing for kelpies it had a sentence on it saying this is what you're up against. My friend who is great at science put some body spray on it and it turned purple she said it was written by a girl (dunno how she worked that out).

Nothing happened after that then two weeks later I found a other note saying one of my friends is a kelpie and it listed signs to spot the girl. I took it to the same friend who said it was from the same girl... then I looked out for the signs and this is what I found...

On a certain friend she has sticky skin, she has emerald streaks in her eyes, she can run really fast, she has a ornate bracelet and lastly she is quite cunning and she loves the beach. Every almost weekend she's at the beach. What is she? It's the same girl who said the note is from a girl. Should I ask her or not?

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