My Friend's Haunted House

(Margate, Florida)

During hurricane season about seven years ago, My older sister and I went to stay with friends of the family. Our friend had told us she believed the house was haunted.

Her brother would feel pressure on his chest; like suffocating. He would jump out of bed and run outside saying "They're coming! They're coming!" before coming out of the state confused.

They would smell cigars in the house and would see their grandfather who died in the military before they were born. They would describe him and his poodle.

Our parents were skeptical and we went anyway.
While we were staying there, her mom tried some candle with water thing. If the water was gone, your house was haunted and the water was gone.

I was six at the time and during one night while we all asleep, The candle in the room had burned out and I saw dark shadow with red eyes was in the doorway to our friend's room telling me to leave. I screamed and woke everyone up.

While my sister would take showers, The curtain would move inches from where it was previously. One night, it moved so she got out of the shower and dressed quickly. She said she stared in to the mirror and something moved behind her, yet when she turned around nothing was there.

Another night, she thought she saw our friend's mom go in her room so she went to go talk to her, but when she went in the room, no one was there, but she saw a dark shadow sit on the bed.

The family's dog would growl and bark at corners, walls, chairs, windows, anything. The lights would turn on and off by themselves, cabinets would open and close, doors would slam, and the energy in the house was just so heavy and negative. You always felt like you were being watched and you just felt upset. I would always be scared to down the hall or go in the backyard because I would hear whispers and see dark shadows that would follow me.

On Halloween, My friend and my sister were listening to a Monster-And-Ghost-Sounds CD in the dark. I was in the room with them and the shadow came again. Something about it just made me want to hide, but I didn't want to be scared. It started telling me to leave, that this was it's house and I was not welcome.

The lights started flickering when I told it to leave me alone and to go away. It got angry and tried to grab me, but I ran out of the room. Our parents thought they were scaring me.

After that, I couldn't go over to the house anymore. Our friend's family moved out and from what I heard, A new family moved in. I don't know if they've experienced anything, but my friend's family has yet to have anything... paranormal happen to them since moving.

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