My Ghost Best Friend

Hello, my name is Christy. I'm from Texas. I really don't care if you think my story is untrue. During my freshman year at high school, I met a new friend named Sergio and he was like 4 or 5 years older than me and he also was a senior. The more we hung out, the closer we got. He often came by my home and of course he was more than welcomed there. My entire family completely loved him and I loved him as big brother. He was always there whenever I needed him. He taught me everything.

After my school was over, I went out of the city for taking driving classes in Austin for the whole summer and I hadn't seen him for a while and I heard he stopped by my home and hung out there with my family a few times. Until I came back, a few weeks later, he called me that he's coming by my house. So he came up to me, telling me he has found out her ex girlfriend has been seeing someone and I sensed he was totally heartbroken and grieve. After seeing his heartbreaking emotions, I didn't know what else to say because I've never experienced a serious relationship before. All I did was to simmer him down. He kept saying he wants to die now which I wouldn't let him say it because I think it's the stupidest thing to say and it breaks my heart. A few moments later, he finally simmered down and embraced me and then he left.

A few weeks later, I got an online message from my good friend that she heard the news that this guy was in a car accident named Sergio Alberto Garica and he was 21 years old and he died at 10am on August 4th. In meanwhile, I began to have the chills on my body knowing it's actually him. It's like I couldn't believe that he actually died. So I called my mom from my bedroom and I told her that my best friend Sergio has passed away this morning while dropping a lot of tears and she had to embrace me and we cried together.

The next few days, I had to force myself going to Sergio's funeral home with our mutual friends and his family. After that, I barely ate a few meals for the whole week and I didn't want to go anywhere. I kept crying and crying and crying in my bedroom myself.

That night, I was turning the light on and going to bed. Somehow, I could feel someone was gently touching my head so I got up quickly taking a look around and nobody was there. So I started like freaking out and I decided to call my mom and little brother and as they got closer to me, I asked them if one of them touched my head when I was falling asleep and they were like looking at each other, saying no. So I realized it was Sergio who woke me up. After a while, he never bothered me ever again.

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