My Gift

by Simone Hlousek

I was born like other babies, by a man and women.

Ever since I was a child I had nightmares about things happening to the world. Most of the time I would ignore them, but when growing up I noticed that most of the dreams I had were actually happening.

I then began seeing a psychiatrist to help me with my nightmares, and it worked for a little bit. As always it seemed like I knew something was there, always, but in certain places. I wake up to see people staring into my window. I always said to myself "they are not real" and went back to bed. My room would get cold to a point I could see my breath.

I didn't understand what was going on so I told my doctor. He put me on more pills. It made things worse. I can hear them saying "hello? Smone!" That's the only thing I hear and wake up to nothing. And for the longest time I was scared. But it came to my mind it's a gift I have that for some how they can talk to me (spirits, ghosts, etc.)

The worst part is that is I can feel who died in what place and know how they died. I hate it all the time, I've seen too much on this earth as a human that will make you think "WTF". I cried in my sleep knowing the spirit has followed me to talk to me. I ran for the longest time knowing this is gonna be me. I have to take it as it is.

Therefor it's hard to tell people about my childhood because they look at me like I'm a bowl of nuts. I do not like my gift at all, but it's what, well I think God gave me? I'm not sure sometimes even if we have a God, or Jesus, or whom people in the bible. I have never tried Wicca, I just live day by day and have a meaning each day.

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