My Grandma's Experience as a Child

My G-ma was born in Pittsburgh and lived with five other brothers and sisters. So anyway they were all playing hide n seek and mind you there were three floors to the house she was in. My grandma hid under one of her brother's beds on the third floor.

She waited for a long time until she heard booming footsteps coming up the stairs. Thinking it was one of her family members trying to find her she sunk back under the bed and giggled. She closed her eyes tight and heard the footsteps stop at the foot of the bed. She opened her eyes surprised to see green blackish boots that were too large to be any of her brothers or sisters. It was also summer time so she thought why would anyone wear shoes like that in the house.

Getting very hot she decided to try to get out from under the bed and just then the boots headed out the door. My Grandma ran downstairs only to find everyone eating lunch...

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