My Guardian Angel

by Haruka Yamamoto
(Manhattan Beach, CA)

About a month or so ago, I had this recurring dream for 3-4 weeks. I had this guardian 'angel' that would watch over me, protect me, and if I got far in the dream, we would become great friends and hang out.

He was 2 years older than me (I am 15), he had jet black hair and he would always wear the same gray t-shirt and black pants. One night, I got so far in my dream that he told me that he was willing to tell me what he really was. As he was telling me, he would start to grow black wings. After his wings were fully grown he would smile at me then I would wake up.

A few days ago, I didn't have a dream but something was compelling me to wake up and I did. Straight ahead of me, at the foot of the bed, was a figure staring at me. I reached for my bedside table and turned on the lamp. It came on just for a second, long enough for me to get a look. It was the 'person' from my dreams! He was wearing the trademark gray t-shirt and black pants, and he had fully grown wings. The lamp short-circuited. I felt a hand brush the side of my cheek, and he whispered in my ear "Haruka" and then he was gone.

The next day I had beach volleyball training from 10:00-11:30, and I got home around 11:45. I walked into my bedroom and drew the blinds so I could change, and I saw 'him' again. I asked why he was here, then he just enveloped me in a hug. He said "I am simply here to protect you". He pulled back and lightly kissed me on my lips and he was gone.

I haven't seen him since. What do you think this means?

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