My Haunted School


It was a windy night as me and my friends were getting ready for a night walk around the school. As we walked my friends tell me to watch out as the area we are walking to is the girls toilet. It is said to have been haunted by a girl who got raped in the class and killed herself in there. There are still many past deaths in my school, so we watched our language and actions while walking.

We were walking through dark classrooms, holding torches in our hands but they were not switched on. Then suddenly, we heard sounds of marbles bouncing on the ground. We looked at each other and laughed. We had thought it was one of our classmates playing a prank. But how wrong are we.

I asked my best friend Ashvin to check it out in the classroom. So he went in and then we waited for about 10 seconds (it's long to me!), but there was no reply. Then we heard a scream so loud that we dashed off without Ashvin.

I asked my friends to go for him,but they said, "FUCK HIM!" So I called one of our brave and big sized friends named Denzel. He stormed into the classroom and carried Ashvin out of the dark classroom. When Ashvin was once again conscious we asked him what happened.

He told us that while he was in the classroom he heard somebody call out his name. He turned around and saw a girl in my school's old uniform and gets hit in his head from the back. Then we asked him about the screaming, but he did not know about it.

Looks like we are not the only ones here. (This is a True Story)

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