My "Imaginary" Friend

by Angie

Hi so I don't know why, but in my mom's side of the family we are able to see supernatural things. I know my brother, mom, grandma, and I can see these things. My mom could also feel them and I could also hear them. Just wanted to let you guys know that this wasn't the only thing that happened.

When I was about 3 years old (maybe less), I would talk to an imaginary friend. That is normal for a child, but this was something else. It started when we moved to a new apartment.

My friend was called Abby Dawson (I'm not really sure how to spell that name since I just said it, never wrote it). My mom and dad would always ask me how he was and I would always answer, "a boy that is about 11 or 12, he is blond, very nice, and always wants to be with me because he doesn't want to be alone". My mom kind of thought about the idea of a ghost (since she can see them and feel them) but this time nothing happened so she let it go.

Years went by and I would still talk with him. One day my mom decided I was too old to have imaginary friends, so she told me that he was not real and that I should go out and make some new and real friends. I told her, "He is real! Or at least he was…", that freaked my mom out a bit, but she still told me to go outside.

Then another day I was talking with him and my mom said, "Oh yeah your little friend, but he's not real right?" I told her he was and that he was standing right next to me, my mom froze. As soon as I said that she felt it. We moved out of the house, but he would still be with me. I don't know what my mom did, but one day he just stopped. I couldn't see him. Then I kept growing up and forgot all about him.

Then I got old enough to be left alone at home, so they once did. Then I could hear and feel it. I couldn't see anything, but I knew. I freaked out but I couldn't move, talk, or do anything. It was like my body was controlled by something else but at the same time I wasn't. I didn't feel afraid anymore, I actually felt happy. I asked, "is it you?" and all I felt was a breeze and heard a yes.

My mom never knew about that time when Abby Dawson came back. I felt he was saying goodbye, that he was calm and peaceful. When I remembered he was always in a hurry and stressed out. Maybe he found peace and wanted to say one last goodbye. It isn't scary, I know, but it's real.

There are many more stories that have not only happened to me, but also to my family. But I just wanted to put this one for now because it's the one with a pretty good ending. I don't have any questions, I know what it was, I just wanted to share it with you guys. I do believe in God, but that doesn't mean that I don't also believe in this.

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