My Invisible Room Mate

by charlotte murphy

I've been practising to use Tarot Cards, they have been given to me as a gift from 3 different people now, I have rune stones too and a pendulum.

My first flat that I moved into when I was 18 I lived there for a whole year. Its not a scary story. I keep myself to myself, never had a big crowd of friends, just those that I could count on and truly trust. I went through a stage of doing tarot card readings with my friends and they would get stronger and stronger the more I practised. If people wanted a true reading id have to do 2 - 3 readings to like warm it up if you understand what I mean.

Things started to happen. My house, I didn't like being near my stairs or my bathroom. There would be times were I would sit having a wee and the stereo would just come on and I'd continue to ignore it. This ghost I had, we'd take photos and you could see orbs after orbs. I decided to record me sleeping one night, I used to wake up with the feeling that someone with a heavy build was sitting on my bed I could feel the bed going down as they put there weight down. I'd keep my eyes closed and force myself to go back to sleep, blaming it on something psychological. When I videoed myself sleeping you could see something sitting on my bed with a long pleated skirt. You could only just make the silhouette out.

Things started to change every night after kicking my friends out at 11ish - midnight, it would switch my favourite programme on, Family Guy, BBC Three, every night without fail, I used to put it on to go to sleep, because its something stupid and funny, it would keep my mind of the banging and running up and down my stairs. Pictures falling of the wall, landing propped up.

I had this friend and one night he came to see me. Had a couple of friends over, one was asleep, known her 8 years. Then two lads Calum and Daniel.

However, Daniel left the front room to go to the kitchen for me, the living room door was wide open. Across from the living room was the hallway with stairs that lead to my front door, and the bathroom was next to the living room. The kitchen was opposite the living room and the bedroom was next to the kitchen with a door leading into it through the kitchen.

They wanted a tarot reading so I asked Danny to go and collect my cards off the kitchen table. While he was at the kitchen door about to open it a picture came off my wall and held its position in the middle of the air and it was launched at his head. I screamed. My friend didn't even open an eye lid and the other two lads after this were calling this unknown object bad names. I warned him and then again the door slammed shut in front of him. As he was about to walk back into the living room, there were no lights on. Poor bugger ran back into the living room with a piece of wood like he was going to fight something, he was petrified. I warned them! That's what I told them too. Two weeks later this Daniel, he had broken into my home and used it as a doss house for him and his friends while I was away.

Absolutely heart broken at this event, I didn't feel safe in my own home thinking a stranger had broken in and been living in my home.

Shortly after this event the smell of sawdust throughout my house had gone and it was warm and homely you could feel that what ever or who ever was there was happier that he was gone and had stopped coming round. it really looked after me, putting TV on for me at night like I was a child that needed looking after.

What I'm trying to say is all paranormal things cant be evil, through the depression I had this ghost looked after me? As odd as it sounds. I moved into a home with a boyfriend I had settled down with. I don't feel its presence anymore but I haven't done tarot cards in a while. I got some as a gift the other day, haven't even tried them yet.

Was I blessed with a guardian angel or something because honestly I cant explain it, but even my friends could feel its presence. I used to talk to it through candles. I have no family I have nothing and through my bad times this supernatural thing looked after me. When I left the flat I should have invited it to follow me, but I said goodbye to it instead...

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