My Life


Ever since I was a small girl I used to see ghosts and at first I didn't believe in what I was seeing. I was watching TV in my parents room and then I saw 7 people or whatever they were dressed up in black with red eyes and a glowing cross. I was afraid. I called my mum and I started crying.

Then after some days I was at church and I saw a man smiling at me and then he disappeared. I told my friend "You saw that guy right?"

She said "What guy?"

I told her "The one over there." and she told me there was no one there and I went at home. I didn't know if they were real or not but now I know that they are because I was walking alone and I felt someone touching me. I turned around and there was no one there. I felt it more than once even when I have been at home alone I feel like there's someone at home but no one believes me.

Once I saw a man near my bed and my brother said that he saw it too. That day I found out that my brother saw the people in black in my parents room. When I left the room I was afraid.

A few months ago I was in the bathroom washing my face and I saw something in the mirror. He was near me and I closed my eyes and opened them and he was still there. I reclosed my eyes and turned around. When I opened them he was gone and that was kind of the last time that I saw one.

I talked to a person and he told me to say a prayer even dough I don't believe that much. The prayer is in Maltese, my language, and it helped me a lot.

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