My New House

by Kristina Heartfelt
(Indiana )

I haven't been living in my new house for a full month yet, but I have a feeling that it will be interesting. I've had two paranormal experiences in this house already.

The first was the very first day I was over here. My mother sent me into the house, alone, to wait for the water guy to come turn on our water. It is a two story house, and after having a quick look around, I took a seat in a folding chair that I found in the living room.

I was waiting, when I suddenly heard a huge bang on the ceiling. I jump out of my chair, and run to the bottom of the stairs, scared out of my mind. I'm too scared to go up and look, because I thought someone had just broken in. I heard more thumps, like someone was walking, or running, with heavy boots on. There is a door on the landing up stairs, so I sneak up and close it, then rush downstairs to the front door, ready to make a run for it if the robber comes down. But then, the sounds stop.

After a while, the water man comes by, leaves, and then my family arrives. When they get here, I rush upstairs, wondering what the thief could have possibly taken. But no windows were broken. Then, I make the startling discovery that the second story windows cannot be opened. They have been painted shut. What did I hear?

My second paranormal experience came a couple weeks ago. I was trying to herd my dogs out to the back yard for a potty break. It was snowy and cold, so they didn't like going outside at that time, which is why when I see a white blur rush up the stairs, I assumed it is one of them trying to make a break for it. I rush over to the stairs, look up, but the second story doorway is closed, securely, and nothing is there. I look around, and see the cat, and both my dogs, looking calmly at me. The door did not open and close, because I would have plainly heard it, so my sisters or brothers did not run up the stairs and manipulate the door in any way. What did I see?

This is very scary, but very exciting! I have always kind of wanted to live in a haunted house, but my family thinks I should just leave it alone and it will go away. Or they think that it isn't real, or that I am making it up. I guess I am on my own until they have some paranormal experiences of their own.

Any advice on what I should do, or how to handle this situation? I will keep you all updated on the goings on if you want! Bye for now.

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