My Old Imaginary Friend Possessed My Little Brother!

by Georgie

Me (my name is Georgie) and my twin brother Jack are 14 now, and my little brother Luke is 5. When I was little me and Jack had an imaginary friend called Colby. Me and Jack can't remember creating him, he was just there. So know I'm starting to think Colby was a ghost with haunted our house and our mother just passed off as an imaginary friend. And what happened recently really creeped me and Jack out.

Mum had to pop off to the shops for a bit so she left me and Jack to look after Luke. We live in the same house now as we did when we had Colby as an "imaginary" friend. So anyway, it was lunch time and I was making Luke and Jack their sandwiches. Jack was playing Xbox in the living room and Luke was in there playing with our Dachshund puppy, Loopy, chucking a ball.
Then Jack yelled. I rushed in and Luke was standing stock still, staring at Jack. Loopy was barking at Luke. Luke was mouthing something at Jack, according to Jack. I ran over to Luke and shook his shoulders. He suddenly slumped in my arms, and normal Luke was back, a bit pale but pretty fine.

I asked Jack what had happened, he said "Luke chucked the ball at my head, but when I turned he was in that trance, then he started mouthing words at me..." Jack seemed reluctant to tell me what Luke had mouthed at him but that night he came an knocked on my bedroom door. "He mouthed "It's Colby" over and over."

I went an talked to Luke. I said to him. "Do you know who Colby is?" He said no. "I said do you see a boy around who isn't family?"
Then he nodded.

I tucked him into bed then went back and talked to Jack and explained to him what Luke said.
I haven't told Mum yet, should I? Was Luke just playing or did Colby possess Luke?

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