My Personal Scary Story

by Cindy
(Champlin, MN)

I've been wanting to tell this story for so long. It's more then one scary story but... I'll blend them together. I told my sister these stories and she was terrified- but she gets scared easily, I however do not and when all this happened, I was pretty scared.

It all started when I was beginning to walk down the stairs. After I put my foot on the first step, I saw a mysterious white mist thing form together to form this 9 or 10 year old girl, she was clear and white and she was looking up at me without saying a word. I couldn't move and I was making eye contact with her even. All of a sudden the white mist stuff separated and she was gone. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could after

A few days later, my mom went to work, and someone was mowing our lawn. I kept hearing footsteps upstairs. I opened my door and only came to the corner of the wall after exiting my room, and I heard music upstairs. I looked at the landing and nobody elses shoes were there except mine and my moms. I gasped slightly and went back into my room, it sounded exactly as if someone was at my house. I then got enough courage to go upstairs, and nobody was there and the noise stopped. I walked back to my moms room randomly and on my way there I heard knocking so I screamed and I ran back into the living room, out of surprise mostly, and somewhat out of fright. I then heard a lot of knocking from the hall area. I ran downstairs and went into my room again, closing my door. I was kinda freaked out and decided to take a nap. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes, only for the knocking to start in my room. It freaked me out so much, so I went on my computer, it continued, but it eventually

Then one night after that I was randomly dancing in my room to some music, with my eyes shut, and then it felt like I hit my wall. I froze and looked ahead of me, and nothing was there.
Ever since that, nothing has happened to me- throughout the whole school year, and the rest of the summer, but then last night, I heard a knock on my wall and then my window. It was kinda creepy.

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