My Poltergeist

by Simcha Newman
(Glendale, Arizona, USA)

Well, my mom, my step dad, and I moved into a new apartment. It was going to be a fresh new start. All three of us were so excited to move. But we didn't know what was coming.

We unpacked everything and we had a touch lamp that was an old antique that was passed down through tons of generations and to turn it on all you needed to do was tap it. One night I went into the living room to write in my journal but before I did I turned the lamp on. I sat down, started to write and the lamp went off so I got up and taped it again. Then after I was almost done writing I couldn't move my hand and the lamp went off again. It was about ten o'clock at the time.

I slapped my hand and I could move it again, and I was really annoyed so I went to bed. My mom came into the living room to watch television. She turned the lamp on and again it went off! My mom said that the T.V. flickered too and that she thought she heard, "Leave!"

The next morning at breakfast we discussed what happened and we knew something was up. We went down to the office and we found out someone died in that apartment...

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