My Prophetic Dreams

by Kristina Heartfelt
(Indiana )

Hi, this is my second story on this site, and I just wanted to share it with you guys. Sometimes I have weird dreams about the future and they come true. I'll dream about a conversation that I'll have the next day or see the face of some stranger and then see them in the grocery store or the library or something. But the best, and most helpful Prophetic Dream I have ever had is when I dreamed the answers to a very important test.

In my high school, you have to pass this big graduation test, or you can't get your diploma. I was stressing about this test A LOT, and dreaming about failing it every other night for weeks. I thought these were prophetic dreams, but then, the night before the big test, I had one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had.

I was sitting in a room, full of noise, really angry, hot, itchy, and uncomfortable. Then, the noise muted, and a beautiful voice whispered "breathe". I suddenly see blue. I see the letter A, then everything is back to normal. I look around, and then I hear a weird phrase, and the letter C pops into my head. Then a phone goes off and the number 27.41 flashes before my eyes. The dream continues on for about ten or so more of these little instances, and I wake up.

I write my dream in my dream journal, struggling to remember each little detail, just like always, and go to school. I walk into the classroom, not really ready for the test. I sit down. The room is way too noisy, and hot. My shirt is itchy, I'm angry, and the day feels like it can't get any worse. They hand out the test, everyone shushes.

I try to get down to business, answering the first few questions. I don't know anything, and I'm feeling more and more hopeless. Then, a teacher puts her hand on my shoulder and whispers "breathe". Then, I remember the dream. I look up, and see that the person in front of me is wearing a blue shirt. I look at my test, and bubble in the letter A. A few questions later, and I hear the phrase from my dream. I had been debating in my head weather the answer to my current question was D or C. I bubble C. Later, a phone goes off, and I immediately answer my current question 27.41. It goes on like that, with me hearing sounds, seeing things, and even smelling smells that were in my dream, all corresponding to an answer on the test.

I'm happy to say that I passed that test with flying colors! And over half of those answers came from my dream!

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