My Sister Was Half-Dead

by Miss K

Well, as much as I can remember. I was about nine or ten and I lived in Bucksport, Maine, literally fifty steps from the grave yard of the famous witches foot. Right across from the Hannaford that my mom went grocery shopping at. I really hope you believe this story, because so many people don't.

I shared a room with my sister and we slept on a bunk bed together. One night, as I usually did, I woke up in the middle of the night. So, as I said, this was not uncommon for me. So I woke up and saw my sister. The bunk bed was pushed up all the way against the wall and my sister was sleeping on the top bed with me that night.

Anyways, back to the story, I woke up and saw my sister sitting straight up against the wall with her legs across the bed. But her legs were not over my legs. So I said, "Vicky, go to bed." Nothing happened. She didn't blink or move, she just stared straight ahead. (Now I know I was young so people say I was dreaming, but it was common for me to wake up in the middle of the night, so I know I was NOT sleeping.) So I repeated, "Vicky, go to bed." Then I felt a kick on my leg and looked to the other edge of the bed and saw my sister curled up in a ball by my feet. I started to get scared and looking back and forth between the two figures, trying to figure out what happened.

Next I saw the eyes of the figure propped up against the wall turn slightly towards me. Unable to move or breathe, I just kept putting my head underneath my pillow. I did that several times until the figure disappeared.

See one way I know this was a true encounter is that I was a disturbed child. I could imagine looking up at me with three hairy monsters, in a square shape, passing a yellow ball with a red star on it. I did this so many times when I was a kid and it would help me fall asleep. I used to color in my coloring books, by drawing in tiny circles so I couldn't go outside the lines. I also was asked by my mother to pick the potatoes off the floor and throw them away. The potatoes kept rolling off the dust pan so I organized the potatoes in a puzzle so they wouldn't fall off. One more strange thing about me was that whenever I ate chicken with bones, I would strip the meat off the bones and separate the bones into piles before I would eat my chicken.

Now each of these moments will haunt me for the rest of my life and the extra stuff is to help you believe in my story because it was a very tragic moment in my life. And I desperately want someone to believe me. I hope there are no hate comments, but I thought this was an interesting story and I wanted to share this with you. Thanks for reading!

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